FrontBurners In A Nutshell

We’re a community of sales experts to help you solve your sales development challenges with custom workflows, cutting-edge tech, and actionable insights


Build Healthy Pipeline

Prioritise high-value deals with diversified prospecting methods

Boost Success Rate

Only work with prospects who best fit your buyer persona

Reduce Cost

Increase ROI with a custom and efficient workflow

Build Healthy Pipeline

Boost Success Rate

Reduce Cost


FrontBurners simple and highly customizable solution to best meet all your sales development needs.

Dedicated SDR Team

We dedicate vetted SDRs to you who are completely managed and paid by us.

Focused Prospecting

Research on ideal customer profiles, product complexity & change in buyers’ preferences

Targeted Lead Generation

Access to leads from a focused market segment from an AI-backed database

Multi-Channel Outreach

Relevant & personalized outreach to match prospects’ frequency for meaningful engagements.

Qualified Opportunities

Pour pipeline with qualified leads & valuable insights helps you close more.

Actionable KPIs & Reports

Develop strategies based on the data to improve performance and reach objectives.

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Our Services

Simplify your sales with our all-in-one development solution, designed for SaaS, web-based solutions, and other online tech companies.

We'll take the pressure off your team by researching, developing, and implementing custom sales development workflows that fit your product growth stages, working in tandem with them.

Our extensive knowledge of sales combined with our understanding of the need for a strong pipeline of potential customers means that we can help to skyrocket your sales figures.

Outbound Outreach

We reach out to targeted prospects via cold outreach.

ICP Research & Building

We define your target market with a multi-layers workflow.

MQL Qualification

We qualify the MQLs with actionable insights

Our Packages

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$575/ month

Recommended for startups
to $1M in gross revenue.


$1,200/ month

Recommended for companies between $1M and $3M in gross revenue.


$$3,750/ month

Recommend for
companies $3M+.

Pathway To Success


Virtually meet us to discuss your current challenges and goals.


Work with us to develop your custom sales development workflow.


Pour your sales pipeline with qualified prospects and actionable insights

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