5 Proven Practices For Business Development

Business Development

5 Proven Practices For Business Development

Business development is considered a tedious task that requires a lot of attention to detail. It’s important for every company as business development executives help identify weaknesses and strengths of the company.

Through this blog, you’ll be able to create an understanding of what business development is, why it is important for a company, and what are the best practices to implement in 2023.

What is Business Development?
Behind every successful company is a dedicated team of employees that contribute solely to the business development side. They find business opportunities, propose challenges, figure out competitive strengths as well as help your company follow the changes in the market.

Business development is the creation of long-term value for a company through customers, markets, and partnerships.

The idea behind business development is to create or find opportunities to pursue, identify new prospects, and convert existing leads into customers. This may sound like what the sales department does, but it is important to note that sales and business development are two separate things.

Sales vs Business Development:
Both departments within any company are tasked with increasing awareness and sales but they work differently.

Business development as we have established earlier works on discovering market potential and finding strategic partnerships. On the other hand, the sales department is focused on the present and focuses on identifying leads, pursuing, and closing sales.

Why is Business Development Important?
Without a dedicated team for business development, it would be difficult for any business to achieve its goals and scale its business.

Whether a startup or a multinational corporation having a good business development team or strategy will help a firm to network in the market. BD also aims to create a strategy that helps the company boost its long-term revenue.

Business development focuses on the company’s future prospects. This is the reason companies have departments for business development– to help them grow and boost their market share.

Proven Practices to Help You With Business Development:
If you’ve made it this far, you must have developed a very good basic understanding of business development, its importance, and the process that is followed.

Even so, as a business development professional, you’d want to know the best possible practice to use for your company or startup so that you may achieve your goals quickly.

How do you and your firm achieve that? Let’s see!

1. Create a roadmap for success:
If you want to execute a successful strategy, you’ll need a plan.

For a business development strategy, you’ll need to identify several things. First, you’ll need to understand who your audience is. Then you’ll want to figure out if these are potential paying customers.

The next thing you’ll want in your plan is research. Knowing your strengths and the trends in the market can help you plan ahead even. You’ll also want to research your customers – find out what they want and how you can communicate with them.

They say knowledge is power, and in the case of business development the more you know the better the strategy you can use.

2. Make yourself known to the market:
Marketing is a fundamental part of business development. The goal of marketing is to enter a competitive market with a strategy that maximizes revenue and prospects.

Inbound marketing is a for-sure way of creating brand awareness. This strategy revolves around bringing people to your website with a strategy that makes the customer a part of the conversation through marketing. This is done by giving away free resources, and free services, or including tech tools such as FAQ chatbots that are interactive for the customer.

Content forms that generate the most B2B leads have been ebooks, webinars, and slide shares.

3. Innovate the way you connect with your audience:
Inbound marketing is effective but only if the customer knows what website you’re located on. Making sure a wide audience knows about your product is called outbound marketing or lead generation.

Outbound lead generation can be done successfully through a variety of techniques such as cold emails and cold calling.

Both cold emailing and cold calling are great strategies. Cold emailing works by sending potential customers hyper-personalized and relevant emails to promote company services. It’s one of the proven ways to target high-value prospects.

4. Tools for Outbound Lead Generation:
Good quality leads are important as these leads then help generate prospects. Lead generation is a time-consuming process and can be boring therefore there are some tools to help your company with this process.

Nowadays, there is a variety of tools one can use to help them with both lead generation and filtering. Such tools include but are not limited to:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  3. Amplemarket
  4. Zoominfo
  5. Apollo
  6. CB Insights
  7. CrunchBase
  8. G2


This is why FrontBurners provides you with quality lead generation to help you save time and resources.

5. Securing the future by analyzing prospects:
In business development and sales, leads and prospects are often confused.

A prospect is a potential customer that is part of the target market you and your company have decided on. Prospects don’t have to be sold anything, sometimes only establishing a network with the prospect is enough.

Leads that meet a criterion your company has set can qualify to be prospects. For this reason, you can consider filtering leads as an important practice in business development.

Additionally, all prospects your company identifies are important customers but analyzing them is a good technique. This allows you to rank your prospects and reach out to them accordingly.

Having useful friends alongside you:
Business development requires careful execution and effort. Having strong connections with your customers and partners is also very important. This is why it’s a good idea to form strategic partnerships in your business development journey.

Having a partnership based on trust, compromise and shared goals can help take your business higher. Additionally, maintaining good relationships will also help you retain your partner’s interest in your company for the future. This could help your business solidify long-term connections and revenue.

If you’ve reached the end of the blog, you now have an understanding of what business development is. You can now use modern techniques to help your company enhance its business development department.

Therefore, the 5 proven practices for business development nowadays are:

  1. Having a good business development strategy
  2. Conducting marketing for your business
  3. Make use of modern tools to contact your audience and partners
  4. Filtering leads and finding valuable prospects
  5. Forming strategic partnerships to help your business


Here at Frontburners, we understand that having a good strategy is time-consuming and requires undivided attention. Therefore, we aim to provide you with the best-outsourced business development expertise so that you don’t have to worry about strategizing but only about how to produce results.

Get in touch with our team if you are looking for a team who can implement these business development strategies for your business.

Email: info@thefrontburners.com

Call: +1 302 487 8797

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